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Timeless pieces that are bound to make you look ethereal!

The world of fashion swirls around like that of a cycle. Things go, things come and sometimes, things stay forever in this circular chain. Even though the fashion and the statements in it are constantly changing, there are some pieces that never lose their power of trendiness in the market. The most important clothing article that every woman must own so as to stay trendy for eternal are enumerated below.

1) A Black dress- It is kind of conventional to add a black dress in any list because it fits everywhere. A stylish dress covered in the darkest shade of light always work its magic. It can be a casual skater dress with flowy fabric, or a Bodycon for the sexy look.


2) A pair of Heels- Everyone wants to achieve the height and heels are the easiest way to do so, figuratively. They go with any outfit and adjust to any occasion. From mules to Pumps, heels are beautiful in every form and the best part, they never age.


3) A Striped T-shirt- Stripes are cool and no one can obligate that fact. A striped t-shirt bought in the 90s is as stylish as a striped t-shirt bought in 2000s. And of course, they won't lose their charm in the coming age.


4) A Shirt- Shirts are generally looked upon as a formal attire, but look at it more precisely and you will see endless ways to style it up. Shirts were the go-to clothing item in ancient times and they are even today. They effortlessly make us look formal when we want to, and also casual when we desire to. Floral shirts and solid shirts are just a few variations to this phenomenal piece of clothing.


5) A Pencil Skirt- Skirts are the most cutest set of bottoms that every woman must wear to unleash the stylish mode. Pencil skirts have never seen an exit door throughout their lifetime of existence. Thanks to their godly looks, they are living and shining even in their old age.


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