Shivani Priya

2nd Year, Fashion Design

NIFT, Kolkata

Working at Uptownie101 was an amazing experience! The atmosphere in office is brilliant and the team is bursting with fresh, new ideas! We all sit together and collaborate on different marketing plans and the best part is that there is no system of hierarchy. Everybody is considered an equal regardless of your position and your ideas are always taken into consideration. Being a fashion design student my course doesn't highlight much on marketing and I was happy to get my dose of that here at Uptownie101. Work never really felt like work as I was doing what I love, just in a more organized fashion. In addition to marketing tactics, my time at Uptownie101 has taught me consistency, how to think on my feet and to never consider any goal too big.

Bhumi Choudhary

3rd Year, BBA

J.D Birla, Kolkata

So far, interning at uptownie has been amazing. When I come back home, I'm not exhausted or looking for a break because it doesn't feel like 'work'. The office environment is so informal and friendly that calling it an 'office' does injustice to the place. The work pressure is just about right and doesn't choke me to death but at the same time challenges me to work harder and rise up to my full potential (WHY-PHY). The job description in itself is so creative that I learn something new everyday and stay up-to-date with latest trends. Rest assured, it is the perfect firm for my first internship experience and I'm Lovin' It!

Debadipta Roy

Graduate, B.Tech (CS)

Women's polytechnic, Kolkata

I started internship here to learn something new, but after joining here I have also started taking responsibilities of work which helped me gain the leadership quality in me. The biggest plus point of the place is its most friendly environment, and where every ideas of yours are taken into consideration. Most of the places have hierarchy system, but this is not the case over here, we were always free to work in our way and showcase our ideas. Sometimes, there were somebody to hold my hands to get over the problems, but sometimes I was thrown into the deep water to figure out things on my own. All these experiences helped me to be pro in what I do, and converted myself to Full Time employee in Uptownie101

Radhika Agarwal

Graduate, Economics & HR

SMU, Singapore

This is my first proper internship somewhere and it was the best experience ever. The work culture and environment is so different and engaging that work never seems boring. Even as an intern I was given full authority and responsibility for many projects and that really helped me grow and become more confident! Loved working here! Thank you Uptownie 101 for an amazing growing opportunity :)



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