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About Us

Uptownie is an online fashion label that retails women’s apparel, accessories and footwear. We are a one stop shop for young, urban women who are looking to put together an effortlessly chic and city-ready wardrobe.
Uptownie is not just another online store. The brains behind the company, are young, urban, Indian women who juggle work, family and friends. We  understand the clothing needs of  young Indian women, and design chic clothes, keeping in mind that no one has the time for slips, nips and tucks, shoulders that slip off, or cuts that don’t flatter the Indian woman’s body. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products - we offer summer tees that are 100% cotton, workwear that is 100% linen, occasion wear that will not leave you prey to untimely wardrobe malfunctions, and stitching that looks beautifully finished.
We diligently focus on the quality of the fabric and the buttons, zips and other accessories used to ensure that while styles change fast, quality remains constant.  We refresh our styles often, and add new products every week to ensure that our customers have a variety of trends to choose from. We price our products very affordably, so you never have to choose between quantity and quality. We are SGS certified, which means that our quality has a stamp of approval from one of the world’s largest quality testing agencies.
Our products are made for an Indian, urban landscape - we offer the perfect brunch outfit, stunning weekend getaway options, statement party pieces, outfits that you can wear on your first day of work and make a great impression, but that help you blend in perfectly at a Rakhi party. If you’re lost on what to buy for just-another-regular-day, we have a plethora of options for those too. We aim to provide a one stop solution for all your fashion needs, and have collaborated with vendors across the country to develop signature pieces that are not to be found elsewhere - with us, you can browse a collection of bestselling organization bags to keep you chic and organised when travelling, shoes that are breathable, quirky and comfortable, and jewellery to add the right amount of sparkle to your outfit.
We also know that the future of fashion lies in personalization and great customer service, and we are here to provide both! We offer a whole host of services, including a monogramming feature, an alternation service, a sizing calculator that will tell you which size to pick for the style you like, and an online chat service that will help you make the correct purchase for your needs.  
Our store is the perfect one stop solution for all those urban women on the go. With us, you can browse a carefully curated selection of clothes, shoes, and bags that we have put together to serve your particular fashion needs. We know you have no time to waste, so we won't make you go through hundreds of pages to find the one thing you like - with us, you’ll love everything you see!  You can browse our aesthetically pleasing and user friendly website at your leisure, ask us any questions you may have using our live chat feature, pay easily with a whole host of paying options, avail timely nationwide delivery and be ready for everyday of your life. With a classy but affordable collection, Uptownie is all about harnessing woman power. Be the young, ferocious YOU with an undying spirit to make a difference, and look breathtaking while you’re at it! 


Priyanka Agarwal


The details are not the details. They make the design.


With a double major in Mathematics and Economics from Duke University, USA and the London School of Economics, throw in the ‘Monica-clean’ OCD, and you can imagine the shock on people’s faces when they discover her profession. Introducing, Priyanka, our amazing boss (We love you!) and the founder of this fashion e-commerce company.

Leading a charge against stereotypes in the world of fashion, and dispelling the idea that only designers belong here, she boldly started a business all by herself. Instead of going into the numbers game, she bought the numbers game to fashion and crafted an approach using a subtle blend of maths and creativity. What drove her to get into this profession? Right from being fascinated by pretty clothes as a toddler, to dressing up her younger sister with painstaking effort and detail, she always had an inclination towards this career choice. Seeing how easily fashion was available online in the west and how she had to bring back suitcases filled with clothes for her relatives (‘I’ll ask my cousin to get my Victoria’s Secret quarterly overhaul for me next time she returns home from the states’), she finally decided to make them available in India.

Fashion is what you are and what you represent, with up-to-date looks and Marilyn Monroe moments, Priyanka’s taste in style is unmatchable! She runs the creative end of things AND talks numbers. Been born and raised in Kolkata, she is carefree, fun-loving and a perfectionist, which is a good thing since fashion is all in the details.


- Team -

As for the team, she represents all of us and our combined personalities. (buttering up the boss part 2) We are a group of about fifty girls and boys, working together (without fighting) to run this website, and let me tell you - it feels great to be part of such a casual and easy-going firm (no really, she rewards us with clothes) and our informal work environment makes us feel at home.

Employees here work in departments such as marketing, designing, warehousing etc., with an equal opportunity open to all. She doesn’t believe in hierarchy at work and instead fosters an open learning space inspired by her initial forays into the industry. Our team include young girls, between 19 and 30 years of age, who are either recent graduates or currently pursuing a degree.

Uptownie welcomes interns and new employees so well, you’ll feel like you’ve been here since day one! We all have an ‘I want to conquer the world’ attitude mixed in with a little ‘Please mom five more minutes’ trait which drives us to work together to achieve our lofty goals (and meet deadlines) one way or another!


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