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A Party without these pieces is just a gathering!

You want to look like the woman in the picture above at the party. However, you have no idea where to start from. Hold on for a second and take a deep breath of fashionable air. This article is targeted to help you realize what are the essential things that you must own so as to dazzle the party in style. The below-enumerated articles will frame the picture you want to be in.
1. Stylish Shoes- No one can deny the section that shoes cover on the pie chart of fashionable items. If chosen correctly, they will make the attire look great else a big fail. There are multitudinous choices available in terms of styles and it all depends on the look you are going for such as ethnic, Indo-western, western, etc.

2. That dress- No wonder, clothes are the focal point of any look. If the dress is bland, the whole platter will look bland. Party time calls for looks like the chic look, sexy look, or the fan favorite simple-yet-stylish look.

3. Attractive Necklace- Necklaces does not always mean that heavy gold look neck- piece which outshines everything else, even the dress. There are many available in the market that works to accentuate the dress than hiding it. Choker necklace or the long chain ones are just a few to name.

4. Ravishing Earrings- Some people think that it is better to not accessories when the dress is the show-stopper, but wait. Earrings do nothing but compliment the face, thereby complimenting everything else.

5. Alluring Bag- Bags adds the zest to the look. Clutches and handbags are some of the variations


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