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Slimming Solids

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which is the slimming colour of them all?

Answer: Black isn’t the only one my fair lady.

It’s time to expand the wardrobe and shop Uptownie’s recommended slimming colours that go with everything you already own. Darker colours enhance your height and slim you at the waist, giving your body a beautiful A-line, provided the material carefully and perfectly drapes over your curves.

After black, these are the colours you can pair with lighter and brighter tops to enrich your skin tone.

Delicious Chocolate Brown
Chocolate is great, but clothes are carb free. The Uptownie Brown Crepe Tulip Pants with their relaxed fit contour your curves superbly and the dark colour slims.
ladies brown culottes slim trouser

Olive Green
We at Uptownie recommend the Uptownie Plus Olive Green Roll Up Jumpsuit because the elasticated waist and comfortable hip silhouette helps achieve the perfect fit and the dark colour slims you further. Pair it with a strong red lip and don't forget to tag us, duh!

olive roll up elasticated jumpsuit
Navy Blue
Uptownie recommends the regal Navy Blue Adjustable Crepe Tulip Pants so you don’t have to hold your breathe for too long whilst putting on these relaxed fit trousers on. There is absolutely no need to stick to monochromatic tones all the time. Even a combination of both dark and bright colours can make you look slimmer. If you are wearing a dark bottom go for a bright coloured top

navy blue tulip pants womenswear

Maroon / Wine – and it’s our fastest selling colour.
Wine is delicious and so will you be in the Solid Wine Ruffle Skater Dress, with large bell sleeves, taking the attention away from your arms and the skater dress shaping around your curves luxuriously. Single piece bright coloured dresses can make you look all the more sensuous.
wine skater dress online womenswear shopping cod


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