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Why Jumpsuits Are Cool For The Summer



When the punishment fits the crime, there is no reason you can't serve your sentence in style!

Apart from the obvious reason why jumpsuits are totally the shizz (Hello, Orange Is The New Black), we've got more grounds for you to slip into these one piece wonders and trot away to your happy land! 

      1.  SUMMER FRIENDLY- On a hot day, they come to the rescue! Having trouble getting into your skinny fit jeans that you'll sweat the hell out of? Well, no more! Because our breezy and relaxed jumpsuits want your skin to breathe.

      2. NO HASSLE- You wake up every morning and spend more time on deciding what to wear than actually putting it on. But with jumpsuits you don't have to go through the painful process of picking out a bottom and then the shoes to go with it and then the top....aaand oh wait the top doesn't match the shoes! Now you're trapped in a vicious circle.

      3. CREATIVE- Bless the inventors of jumpsuit (Florentine Thayat,1919). Since jumpsuits were historically famous as functional one-piece garments for skydivers, manual labourers and astronauts, bringing it into fashion only proved how versatile and creative this world is! If we can make  a criminal uniform look utterly ravishing then we sure can beat the heat with it.  

      4. FASHION-FORWARD - And of course, as soon as you put on a jumpsuit, you are automatically in love with it! You look stylish and like some-one who knows what fashion is, not necessarily a bad thing taking into fact the amount of time you spent on picking it out (wink)!


So what are you waiting for? Head over to our Jumpsuit Collection to beat the heat! 






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