Party Trend – Uptownie

Party Bling is On!

It is the time of party. The sounds of cheers and clinging of glasses up in the aim are making their move, where is your move? Well, you should make the move fast but also in the right direction.  Here we have enumerated the best attires stitched in satin to look and give the feel of party from every corner of the fashionable eyes.

Brown Satin Jumpsuit- Shine in chocolate brown like a clean mirror in a house of bling. It exaggerated what the dark shade is really about and what charisma it beholds.

Solid Green Satin Skater Dress- Wrap it up or maybe bell those sleeves, or the best is to do both in this single piece. Nothing can suit a party than a skater dress and the emerald green color is truly a gem reflection.

Solid Gold Satin Top- It is time to detonate the power of gold in the bright day light or maybe in the dim night. This is aesthetic piece designed like it is still incomplete which is what the appealing element is of it.

Solid Green Satin Cutout Dress- There is the vision in this dress and that is of looking a complete dapper. The satin fall like fabric is easy to carry.


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Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY