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Fashion Is Not Frothy: The One Where Fashion Meets Millennialism

Fashion is like a sky full of stars, can only be seen clearly far away from the chaos of modern day and counting the number of shiny objects is next to impossible. Therefore, when one examines the inner workings intricately it is obvious that something twinkling will catch our eyes and it keeps transitioning, which leads up to the ‘current’ trend or is it just a repeat of history?

In the recent times, we’ve all seen a huge shift from the pre-existing culture to millennial style, not only in fashion but our daily lives too. Thus I believe, the most current trend in fashion culture is the switch from physical shopping experience to virtual ones. Being able to buy something off an app is just the way it is these days, which is making way for more and more businesses to emerge online with the rising demand.  The millennial generation is fast-pacing, multi-tasking, goal-oriented and assertive, if they are performing a task then they need to see results and they need it fast. Whether you’re looking for something specific or not, online fashion is the go-to option these days and nothing compares to that. Sure the persisting trend could be regarded as cold shoulders, or off shoulders, or cut-outs or palazzos, but as mentioned earlier, it’s one twinkling object that caught our eye and it will happen again within a few years down the line, like it was trending ten years ago.

Today, we have no rules and no limits. You’re sitting on your couch, watching a show, you see a dress you like, you instantly go online, type three words and before your eyes in less than two seconds, you can see thousands of results. The current trend for the millennial generation isn’t what’s on the runway, in fact to them it’s more personal.

‘What kind of shoes are they looking for? "Comfortable, sturdy and chic." What brands would they buy? "Doesn’t matter anymore, as long as they enjoy the making of it." What do they think will be socially acceptable to wear? "Oh, they’re SO past about what people think." Is that appropriate for a guy? "Gender lines are blurred to them." Will it be too much if I wear a suit to the club? "Nope, bring it on!" That has an unusually large bow on it, should I buy that colour? "Of course, it’s surpassing!"’ 

The Millennial mindset has become quite whimsical, the 'blending in the crowd' and 'fitting in' is a thing of the past, instead, millennials are looking to stand out more, be different, be unique. Therefore, Fashion has become social for them. It's no longer contained to clothing and design.

For example, earlier and when I say earlier I mean about a decade ago,  wearing 'Indian Ethnic Wear' as a daily ensemble was not adapted, Indian Ethnic Wear could range from Tunics to Palazzos and today, Millennial Fashion is actively pursuing this area of styling and terming it as "Boho-Chic" or "Contemporary Indian Wear". 


The only conclusion here is that fashion is high-powered, vigorous, dynamic and being in this world is exhilarating, there are so many doors behind which something unknown lies that exploring this dimension will never get old and knowing this generation, the next big thing might be 3D shopping, who knows? 


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