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Company’s bestseller; now being known as the “Wonder Top” – a Hit or a Miss?

If you’re anywhere on social media, you would have heard , at least once, about the clothing apparel that has been making all the rounds lately.

Manufactured and retailed by yours truly - Uptownie 101, this top has been all the rage. Due its high sales and future demands – pre orders have already started pouring in – it has now been dubbed as the “Wonder Top” – our company’s biggest bestseller to date. What makes it the “Wonder Top”? This top has seen one of the lowest return rates since its release a year ago. Our customers are loving the product; with the return ratio to sales being 1:10.


“The fit and the comfort of the material are exemplary”

As Uptownie 101’s newest intern, I got to know of this top and it has intrigued me from the very beginning so like any other shopper wanting to get their hands on the new “it” product, I too decided to invest my two cents and buy the top to see if the hype is worth it or not. Here’s hoping I get lucky and don’t need to return it. The top I found is made of rich suede material, has a high neck, cap sleeves, boxy fit to make sure it gives a relaxed fit, giving you room to move around and not constrict you anywhere. The colour is a cool light pink tone, allowing it to match any and all skin tones. The colour of the top makes it a versatile wear, allowing you to wear it both in the daytime in the office or college as well as on a night out. Actress Mithila Palkar shows you how to rock this top at any time of the day.

When I was asked to try out the top – keep in mind I wore it all day long – I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did the versatility of the top allow me to wear it all through my 6 hour college day without looking out of place, it also allowed me to wear it as a party wear and not look too casual, yet casual enough that it was never over the top. The suede material allowed for breathability. No more sweating through your nice clothes in this sweltering heat but warm enough to not freeze in the AC for 3 hours. I may be your intern Uptownie 101, but my unbiased opinion is that I love this top! Your ratio of sales just grew. I definitely will not be returning this.


“Wonder Top” – our company’s biggest bestseller till date!

Honestly, this top really is a no-brainer for any shopper. Anyone looking to invest in a product which is affordable, which keeps on trend, and does not need to be returned multiple times to make sure you get the product you’re happy with – obviously this is the top is your go to. It is clear that when our designers decided to manufacture this top, a lot of thought went behind it. This was definitely no shot in the dark. The fit and the comfort of the material are exemplary and also explains the reason behind why everyone – including me- love the product and why it has such a low return rate. Customers are definitely going back happy. In all, I will have to say, my opinion of this apparel is to give it a rating of 5 stars and assure the rest of you that Uptownie 101 will continue to deliver products of this stature, and become a regular name in your household.

“Our customers are loving the product; with the return ratio to sales being 1:10.”



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