Book of Different Outlooks!

by Priyanka Agarwal on Apr 06, 2017

Hi #BabesOfUptownie!

‘Party rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time!!’

The Party season is going on and we know you’re sick of wearing the same ol’ dresses and the same ol’ skirts. Need a fresh update to your wardrobe? Don’t worry, help is here with me, UptownieBae!

Who am I? I am your best fashion friend! Need any fashion related help? I am your girl!


So when it comes to dressing for a party, there a few things that you need to stick to-

1. You need to keep in mind what you’d be doing. Fancy dinners with the family do not call for teeny-tiny dresses, clubbing with your girlfriends does. Dress for the occasion, like they say!

2. You’d probably be eating a lot. So BodyCon styles are a no-no, unless you want a surprise visit from Tina the talking tummy.

3. You need to go ALL OUT WITH THE GLAM FACTOR. Like we said before, you’re an ultra-chic style diva. So well, you need to be the best-dressed at the party. Obviously.


So with those things in mind, here are my top party looks-


Look 1: Upper East Side Glam

Think Blair Waldorf hosting a little get-together with her closest friends and family. This one’s for those fun house parties where you toast with the family and have a good time. Bows are very essential. 
Dance with Bow Dress from Uptownie101 + Cute sling bag + Mary-janes!



Look 2: Dazzling Lace

A little lace is essential for the Glam-O-Factor! Perfect for that fancy dinner at your favourite restaurant and then to party it up at the club! Make sure you can dance in heels!

The Revive Spark Skater Dress from Uptownie101 (it’s available in black and brown too!) + black heels (or flats) + cute sling bag



Look 3: Business Party

Partying it up with your colleagues? Whoever said formals are boring?

The Eclectic/Electric Jumpsuit (comes in maroon and grey too!) + some statement heels + statement clutch and you’re ready to go!



Look 4: Dancin’ all night!
This one’s made for those fun, wild nights with your girlfriends at the club! Strapless body-con with an overlay? Spotlight stealer!
The Ultimate Challenge Dress + comfy heels + cute bag + Red Lipstick!



Look 5:  Fancy Gala

Classy girls don’t do parties, they do galas. With a glass of the finest wine in hand and opinions to shake the world, this one’s for the Amal Clooney in the making!

The All of the Above Jumpsuit + Golden Heels + Golden Clutch



Look 6: Best Friend’s Reception

It just seems like everyone around you is getting hitched. Dress to impress at the next wedding reception you attend!

Bohomian Rhapsody Maxi Dress + Nude Heels + Nude Bag + Statement Lips!




Look 7:  60’s Babe

Bell sleeves and asymmetrical hem? Yes, of course! The 60’s were a decade of fun, fashion and more fun! Wear this out for a dinner date and embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn!

Fixin to Thrill Top + The Maximum Impact Factor Skirt + Minimalistic Heels + Minimalistic Bag + Red Lipstick!



Look 8: The Off-Duty Model

This one says I had only 5 minutes to get ready for the party but obviously, I look better than everybody else here. Also, I have collar bones to die for and gorgeous long legs and I’m not afraid to show them off!

New Ruffles and Lace Top + Buttons All The Way Palazzos + Black Mary Janes + Chic Black Bag!



Look 9: Daddy’s Little Girl

This one’s a gem for those little get togethers when the entire family get together to dine and wine! A fun game of charade may follow.



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